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Saints Row IV RE or Zombie Army Trilogy (Poll)
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Neverwinter Online (exclusive MMO) achievements revealed
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What are you expecting from E3 that hasn't been announced yet? (Early I know)
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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee coming out any day now...
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Your favourite Current-Gen Game: The ADD ONE THING Game!
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Did Zombie Army go up in price in one day?
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GDC presentation: Advanced DirectX12 Graphics and PerformanceStyrof0am53/6 10:08AM
So I guess next gen can't survive without RockBand
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Looks like I must eat crow...darkshadowmaster73/6 9:49AM
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Left thumb pain
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Looking for recommendations for co-op gamesXeroxicide43/6 9:13AM
is Elite: dangerousHidan62383/6 9:04AM
Any date for the second Tales from the Borderlands episode...
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CaffineRush113/6 8:57AM
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Eurogamer: David Braben on how Elite: Dangerous on console will actually workquincy2000a63/6 8:33AM
I just went 50-0 in tdm on cod ghosts... (Closed)
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JohnWall32473/6 8:25AM