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Will BF sales resuscitate Titanfall's online community?megadeth11171011/28 2:10PM
Convince me to keep this new xbone I bought (Closed)
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visionedorange5311/28 2:08PM
according to casuals this gen is about resolution, fps, and sales.
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GymTanSoccer2111/28 2:07PM
So it seems November NPD is all but lost for XB1...
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TheObserver00112211/28 1:55PM
Can I use external HD from laptop for my xboxone?DMoney3Six311/28 1:37PM
So I bought my mom a Black Friday Xbox One for Christmas
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Cows Go Hisssss1211/28 1:36PM
ked up xbox one with MCCdarkrevans211/28 1:16PM
Why do people act worried about the Xbox One sales?Metal_Gear_Link911/28 1:13PM
How do you set the XB1 to download games while turned off?STO-109511/28 12:59PM
Titanfall, Destiny, or Far cry 4? (Poll)
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NintendoMaster1911/28 12:48PM
Sunset Overdrive is an excellent game.
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Gothmogz5311/28 12:37PM
do shops in the US let you feel the controllers before you buy an console? (Closed)beyondfrom811/28 12:30PM
should i grab Diablo and shadow of mordor?
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B1GB0SS_861811/28 12:30PM
Are your Black Friday video game related purchases over?
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Hucast91111/28 12:16PM
gears of war 4 at e3bipartisangamer711/28 12:10PM
it's not on sale but I'll try to Get GTA5 Next Gen Today If Possible....NightMareBunny311/28 12:07PM
Improvements in Dark Souls 2 for Xbox One and PS4 Discussed by the Devquincy2000a811/28 12:03PM
HDD space goes fastArmyOfDarkness_811/28 12:01PM
polk audio melee headset 39.99 lightning deal on amazon. yay or nay?GymTanSoccer111/28 11:48AM
Sooooo Viewtiful Joe 3FlameVegaXV511/28 11:40AM