microsoft just dug their own grave in europe

#31Styrof0amPosted 12/12/2013 12:10:03 AM
bultje112 posted...
rumors? yeah whatever keep sticking your head in the ground. same thing happened when they first postponed the xbone in those european territories. they were right back then and I'm sure they are now as is indicated by the answer microsoft provided.

Yes, rumours. Until a story is confirmed it is in fact only a rumour. The source in this case may have been right about postponing XB1 in certain territories, but it was wrong about not being able to use the XB1 w/o a kinect plugged in.

Microsoft's answer doesn't indicate anything. The local branches of MS have a history of never commenting on rumours. Thoisse comment usually come from people like Major Nelson, Phil Spemncer et al, and they are always slow to make a statement.

As for me sticking my head in the sand, you obviously didn't read the rest of my reply.