Remember that time on ps4 when...

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BeefEaster posted...

I didn't feel the need to pay $100 extra dollars to do stuff I can already do on other devices I already own

you have fun though

Yeah smartphones are dumb too I had compooter!
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DamnEvilDog posted...
Reading just a tiny bit of this topic is like watching toddlers with green shirts and toddlers with blue shirts hitting each other on the head wtih their binkies... my god...

This pretty much sums up the entire X1 board right now not just the topic.....It'll be nice if ppl could actually talk subjectively about games and not act like what they say is the be all and end all of all opinions...
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Its too bad you can't enjoy something on one system without putting don the other...clearly a maturity issue
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Spetsnaz420 posted...
Its too bad you can't enjoy something on one system without putting don the other...clearly a maturity issue

But your sig, clearly you agree with Stan, so a little hypocritical maybe?
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MachineGunNun posted...

"Remember that time this morning on ps4 when you were playing an online shooter and in between matches you were catching up on your YouTube videos that convienently pause when you go back to the game."

Yup, I had my laptop on the coffee table but it was my 360 not a PS4.

"While also checking the weather on the local news to see when the snow storm is gonna let up. So you can plan when to shovel."

Ya, like I said I had my laptop with me for the youtube. I had another window open with the local weather open. Do you have a point?

"With your gaming headset on that still works for the console."

Yes, my mic/headest still works on my 360. Thank you for asking.

"Oh wait that was Xbox one."

No, I told you it was my 360.......
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Wow! I didn't know the Xbone was such a powerful machine.
But I still wish it came packed with a shovel, to complete the experience.
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Remember that time with the place and the people? We were doing things with objects at locations and having a great time! I think it's my favorite memory of all time! Anyways what were we talking about again? Oh yeah how having one device to do everything is great! That was this computer is for! It can do everything and I don't have to rebuy it every 4 years!
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Been doing all this since the later 90's ... On PC, I can game on one screen at 1080p 60fps. Watch Netflix on another. Have Skype open to talk to friends in the background. have steam open on the third to watch those awesome deals go by.

Talk to me when your Xbox can at least do 1080/60 on everything.
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My ps4 is sitting next to this thing called a pc, that can play videos AS I GAME
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Remember the time when PS4 put all this crap that wasn't needed on the console like watching TV on your TV, watching youtube while playing a game and other pointless stuff.

Oh wait, that was the XBone.