I have a 4 pack of AA Eneloops coming in the mail today!

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ThatLaoGuy posted...
must be nice to buy a controller that doesn't require extra batteries to be purchased.
I wonder if there's a controller out there like that.

This is not enough reassurance to make anyone want the touchpad-having-facebook buttoning DS4 :(
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I know right, nothing beats a classic... Wonder if MS gets a little taste of all them battery sales, most likely.

I've never had eneloops so I'm really excited from what I've heard about them :)

I've had some rechargable energizers that are over 3 years old and they arent holding much charge anymore :(

They've died in the middle of me playing KI, and then again during Forza, both during an online match! D:

I've had them for so long I knew it was time to get some new ones lol

Do you remember which energizers you had?

They are like a silver label, they aren't that bad. I just checked and realized that my green labeled Duracell batteries are the main failing culprit. I thought they were both energizer. Though both sets are old and could use replacing.
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