June 2014, will you be playing and paying for TES Online on XB1?

#21ssringoPosted 12/11/2013 10:57:43 PM
Apex-Player posted...
Companies should really post these type of polls allover the internet before deciding on a subscription.

I mean really, 10 yes vs 60 no, shows clearly they are making a mistake.

Sure some diehards will invest a year or more, and pay accordingly, but most will stop after the first free month. Just seems like being greedy makes companies lose all common sense.

"Hmm we got 10 people to buy, maybe 50% will renew monthly at 15 a month, or we could sell 60 more copies at 60 apiece. Lets go with just the 10 and hope they all renew at least 24 extra months"

Sucks being someone interested in playing it, but at the regular price.
I'd like to see Titanfall try this, the outcry alone might make developers of MMOs realise its stupid marketing, excluding the bigger portion of gamers.

Edit/ not calling Titanfall an MMO, but as an online only game it would get the point across.

This poll isn't very good as it doesn't give an option that people might prefer paying/playing on PC instead.

That's why I said no.