Well, looks like xb1 voice controls aren't that unique anymore

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I heard other devices besides the Xbox One play games too. With all of these features available, at this rate I doubt they will ever sell more than 2 million of these consoles. =(

Learn the definition of unique, then come back and try again.

This is what happens when you don't pay attention in school and revolve your life around video games instead.

As compared to a life revolving around nonstop trolling of this board.

You sir are truly sad
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Smart tvs also use apps, Xbox One fails again.

My smart tv also has voice controls, motion gestures and uses skype.

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Well I'm going to go with the TC being wrong on this. No other device lets you seamlessly switch between TV, Movies, Games, ETC. Just because Direct TV lets you use voice controls you can't play games on it, which was the whole point all along with the X-Box One ( One being all in one entertainment device).

I remember the guy doing the pre E3 press conference was more so showing off the ability to watch TV while you are in a game lobby and an alert will pop up letting you know the game is ready. So in conclusion, not even close to the same product.

Actually my TV allows me to do all of that. It has a quad core processor, supports video chat, skype, voice activated web browsing, switching between everything is instant and can pop it into screen mirroring, or pip.

It's a beast.

inb4 it doesn't do games, let me ask you this.. can you actually see the games you play on the xbone without a TV? :D
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Voice controls havent been unique in a long time. Several cars have had it for awhile now, cellphones too. I dont understand the point you are trying to make TC?

Cell phones and cars have had voice commands for ages now (in electronics time)
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MS selling over 2M consoles really has TJ and Co. pissed the *$&! off!!

Dayam MS!

Actually I don't care, it puts no money in my pocket either way. I just come here for discussion but unless it's absolute MS worship, most of the people here aren't capable of participating without acting like a 10 year old.

I've seen like one person who responded like an actual adult, the guy who mentioned seamlessly going between movies, tv, etc. thanks for that and you do make a good point.

You actually care a lot. U repeatedly post negative XB1 topics. You care about this more than most people on here actually.

I don't know it just seems like you got a personal vendetta against MS.
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DirectTV now includes it built into their remote. The guys at MS must be scrambling to make up for that selling point now that people don't need the system to watch tv with voice control anymore. From a business standpoint, I'd be pissed.

But I don't have DirectTV nor do I want cause I have cable so what good does this do me.
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Voice controls havent been unique in a long time. Several cars have had it for awhile now, cellphones too. I dont understand the point you are trying to make TC?

Since you actually talking like you have some sense, I'll elaborate.

One of the selling points of xb1 is being a game console that you can use to watch tv with voice commands. It is the only console with that functionality. That's not something that people are able to do with other devices, at least as far as I know.

Now, people will be able to do that with the remote that comes with their cable service. Having it readily available makes it less likely for people to buy an xb1 to do it.

That is some majorly dumb logic. When was Xbox advertised as the only thing that can control TV with voice? The main selling point is its entire TV integration, which is excellent with the services that work. The TV integration is just another part of what the Xbox One is really trying to do, the all in one box. They want as many functions as possible.

I think people are just now making up things MS said... its getting a little out of hand.

Whats unique about the console is that it has kinect, and while voice is part of it, it isn't the sole reason why its unique. Its the method they use to integrate all these functions with voice controls to simplify working between them, something that will surely work better as time goes on. Right now, its already pretty convenient just to be able to turn on my Xbox with it and then go to netflix while I am doing the dishes or feeding the baby.
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Lol bump
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After that Forza thread and this, this clown will be the first person on my ignore list.
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