What is it about games...

#1EdwardDigitalPosted 12/14/2013 12:37:02 AM(edited)
that make people want to spew profanity like no tomorrow?

I was just walking down the hall of my dorm building and some of the younger undergrad kids I guess were playing a game online. I assume one of them lost or had something that they didn't like happen because they proceeded to call the player at the other end all kinds of p***y and b****es and calling out of moms.

Why does this happen? I can understand the frustration if you lost at something but what compels people to lose their poise and forget themselves and talk nonsense? I'm not sensitive or offended or anything but its annoying to hear. I think some "gamers" (I really dislike that word) need to find better ways at expressing displeasure.
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Sometimes, I hate the internet...