More exclusives for the future or MS gonna focus on kinect games again?

#1policemenmanPosted 12/15/2013 12:34:50 AM
Still remember 360..
it has a strong start of exclusives then it fall on its mid-year

Lots of early & good exclusives such as
Alan Wake, Mass Effect, L4D 1 &2, GoW, Crackdown, Fable2, DR

After its mid year MS starting to lose exclusives such as Mass Effect, DR etc (becomes multiplatform)
and it seems MS made more kinect games than "AAA exclusives"

Look at PS3 the exclusives are swarming from 2010. Jrpgs to every genre.
(heavy rain, beyond two souls, Resistance 2,3, KZ3, GOW3 & Ascension, Tales of Xillia, KH/FFX HD collections, lots more)

While 360 only had judgement,Halo 4, forza 4 and a bunch of kinect games.

Is microsoft gonna focus on kinect games again after its mid year?
For sure PS4 is going to get lots of exclusives in the future and those games are not some sort of PS eye/kinect games.
(Infamous,The order1886,Uncharted,GOW)
I hope DR4(theres gonna be one for sure) is still an exclusive game to XB1.
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#2LazyyAmericanPosted 12/15/2013 12:39:49 AM(edited)
Crackdown, DR, and Fable II were the only exclusives...and crackdown was the only noteworthy game of those three.
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#3staticxtreme5Posted 12/15/2013 12:50:02 AM
So Kinect games can't be exclusives? Mkay.
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