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I still own & play original Xbox (360 RROD)... now I'm gonna be PS4 GUY.
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10 random statements that might anger some folks!
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Voelger303/3 8:40AM
you can now use to...suicide machine13/3 8:40AM
MS SAVED MINECRAFT, EA and Activision tried to buy it.zerooo073/3 8:32AM
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Screamride 1 the order 0
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Reece504123/3 8:17AM
ScreamRide is awesome!AbstraktProfSC273/3 8:11AM
SCREAMRIDE gets an 8.2 from IGN
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zerooo0263/3 8:07AM
Games w/Gold on a silver account?N7Spectre43/3 8:04AM
how to leave the preview program?Hidan62363/3 8:02AM
Heads up- Xbox One version of Zombie Army Trilogy vastly inferior to PS4
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Anyone subscribe to 7:40AM
Thanks fo your recent transaction. We have deposited a 6.50 promotional credit..JohnWall3243/3 7:37AM
battlefield hardline up for pre order.... i just got the delux edition
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HDMI Switcher That Plays Nicely With The Xbox One??
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dissembled263/3 6:53AM
Would you like if they released some old school games again on the Marketplace?ssj5goku200563/3 6:49AM