Which series will make a triumphant return this gen?

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User Info: Joey2cool

3 years ago#11
A new Turok would be kickass! However I'd like to see Conker make a return. Too bad Microsoft ruined Rare.
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User Info: KID VID

3 years ago#12
I voted for Combat Amphibians. I wish they'd make a HD port of the NES game.
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User Info: BigBOOtoYOU2

3 years ago#13
Other: Custer's Last Stand!

Hot coffee?!?!? Ain't got nothing on next gen graphics for this game!

User Info: R1KM4N

3 years ago#14
I'm hoping for a decent Banjo-Kazooie sequel. Nutz and Boltz sucked and was too far from the originals to be considered a true sequel.

Out of the list though I voted Timesplitters. That is a franchise that got better with every new entry. It's criminal that the franchise never returned last gen, so I have high hopes to see it return this gen. I'm eagerly awaiting the new Battlefront, but I'd rather be playing a new Timesplitters.
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User Info: EGMRULZ

3 years ago#15
You forgot one more option "None of the above".
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User Info: OZ_Archangel

3 years ago#16
I picked Other: Megaman X
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User Info: tinfoil21

3 years ago#17
Please, please, EA create a new Skate game. Sadly Black Box was shut down this year, but still..

User Info: PsyGunWulf

3 years ago#18
BDJayce posted...
Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
a new kotor as long as it's bioware not obisidian developing it

Obsidian actually did a really good job on Knights of the Old Republic 2.. had they been given the time to actually finish the game without Lucasarts rushing them to put out a clearly unfinished product it would've been great.

Honestly they use this excuse with every game they make. Starting to wonder if its Obsidian who can't manage development.

User Info: BryanPS360

3 years ago#19
Hopefully Turok.

They need to make up for that 2008 garbage.
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User Info: jpraelster

3 years ago#20
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