Amazon constanlty discounts PS4 games

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notice how its "closed" and how the ID Number is from 2004 you troll

karma means nothing

How do you get karma? I got 19 taken away already for off topic, censor bypassing and flaming alreadt

By not being a ****.

I have well over 2000 karma and i'm one of the biggest trolls on the xbone boards.
I don't always Troll on the internet. But when I do, I make it the Xbox-One forums...
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Wow! Reading the last two pages of post kinda made me feel like I found the Jerry Springer version of the Gamefaqs board. Almost start chanting, "Jerry Jerry". While looking for the bald headed security dude to rush the board and pull posters apart from each other.
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Lmao at the xbots in this thread trying to say it's because PS4 games don't sell as well when they are leading software sales. Delusional fanboys.
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Because Amazon and Sony have partnered in order to bring PS4 games to more people. Amazon even has its own PS Store that lets you purchase digital games from their website and download it to your PS4, Microsoft does not.
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LOL what the hell is the currency in the OP? Is he trying to buy games with galactic credits?
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natevines posted...
LOL what the hell is the currency in the OP? Is he trying to buy games with galactic credits?

Have you never heard of Euros? Seriously?
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LOL what the hell is the currency in the OP? Is he trying to buy games with galactic credits?

This is a joke right?
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So far only 1 offered any valid reason whatsoever, thanks Hidan, I thought PS4 trolls were bad but some of you guys are just as bad

It sucks that that is the case, too, being that they are probably American, like myself. Not all American gamers, but judging by a lot of stupid, biased, incoherent lingo these people use, they "sound" that way.
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The reason sony fanboys dwell on this board is because they are insecure about their console purchase. The sad part is they dont even realize that is why they are here. I think ps4 is trash compared to x1, but I dont go to the ps4 board spreading my ps4 negativity around being a downer and such. Its really just a matter of insecure fanboys, its rather sad. They believe thats not why they are here, but really its the only logical explanation.

Except you do do that
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I hope envoy isn't this socially awkward in person, or life is going to be very difficult for him =[
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