is there a reason why the xbox live community seems far more harsh than PSN?

#51VirobotPosted 12/16/2013 10:45:29 AM
Just the bro-dudes (dudebros) playin Cawdooty. Not everyone is a dudebro, but they are the worst online to play with or against, I find.
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Xeeh_Bitz posted...
I know during Halo 3's time, there were tons of rudeness on chat. Multiple times I've heard kids screaming at their parents because they didn't wanna go to bed or parents catching them calling someone the N word. It was terrible. The more annoying is when kids got on it and sing with a high pitched voice.

That's really the last I used of XBL so dunno if MS ever cracked down on it but XBL use to be horrible but that's to be expected when you include a mic with every console

I remember that crap, really turned me off from playing Halo 3. Which meant no such occurances with future Halos.
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Live tends to be filled with more racist children than PSN.
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I do not own an xbone but when I had a 360 I ran into more pricks then I knew what to do with. I got cussed out on peggle lol one of the other problems is the fighting game community is difficult to deal with more often then not.
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From what I remember of the PSN (CoD4, WaW days) there was the stereotypical baby crying in the background, the guy playing loud rap music, the kid shouting at his mom, as well as the occasional trash talker but those were far and few between the silent wasteland that was PSN.

I can't comment on the quality of talkers on XBL because if I'm in a multiplayer game I'm always in party chat anyway. Which is funny, 43% of players have reported me for trashtalking (???)
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I've seemed to notice it matters more what game you're playing than the system you're playing it on that determines the community you get.