Do you think Ryse will get a sequel?

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  3. Do you think Ryse will get a sequel?
1 year ago#11
It's pretty crappy but a beautiful game to look at. Most people are buying it because if the visuals to show off the system. I will buy it when the price drops to like 20 bucks.
1 year ago#12
aszsith posted...
I'd like a sequel IF it addresses the issues of the first game. Honestly, this game reminds me of the first Assassin's Creed game (not in gameplay, but in terms of potential of what could have been). I walked away with much of the same feelings about things that just didn't quite make complete sense, but could have with more time and effort.

Linear Levels - sure there were a few branching paths, but everything was a corridor basically.

Collectibles - I searched buckets, dead bodies, and shields all over the place to collect things. Where are these things? What do they unlock? I've heard they are viewable in the Smartglass app my iPad1 can't run. Make collectibles mean something.

Visual Execution Color Flashes - I think these were fine and a creative way to handle what is essentially a QTE, but I'd like to see the visual flourish removed on higher difficulty levels.

Variety - 1 sword, 3 enemy types, and a limited basic move set. All need to be expanded upon.

Get the history at least somewhat correct - So this is a minor gripe, but basically they just pulled some names from a history book and cobbled them together in a story that doesn't make sense, historically. Either make complete fiction or do the research to make a reasonable historical fiction.

This is how I feel as well. The first AC game got very repetitive but I still wanted to play it, and they exceeded all expectations with AC2.
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  3. Do you think Ryse will get a sequel?

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