Have you guys heard of whay exclusives we may be getting?

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I loved the last generation xbox. Halo, Mass Effect, Criminal Origins - "Outstanding!!!!!" The Orange Box" Gears of War - Not my favorite but definitely a system seller when it was released. Anyways what is the word out there as far as exclusives? I can't really find a list. I hope MS nets some nice exclusives like they have in the past. I've had both prior xbox's and loved them both. The first xbox was really bashed by other fanboys for its looks but people quieted down when the very first Splinter Cell was released on that system. I had the gamecube version of that game first, but when I picked up the xbox version it was stunning!!! Wasn't the Orange Box an absolute killer when that came out!
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Nice spelling! "whay exclusives".
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Um halo and gears of war are the only exclusives you listed and even some of those installments are on pc
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Here's a list from Wikipedia:

Fable Legends
Kinect Sports Rivals
Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Xbox Arena

Here are the MS exclusives, meaning they will be released on either Windows or the 360 as well:

Animusic: The Video Game
Fantasia 2000: Music Evolved
Halo: Spartan Assault
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
Project Spark

I think there are some unannounced games as well by other studios like Black Tusk Studios and probably some others.
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I know. But Mass Effect was originally an exclusive. I also don't care if an xbox game ends up on PC.