Why did they choose "Xbox One" instead of "Xbox 720?"

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zephirraines posted...
How is this troll topic still going? Oh wait its trolling the xbox, no wonder the mods do nothing.

It's not a troll topic, you're just too sensitive to handle reading any sort of criticism of Microsoft. Try marking it a few more times and see if a different mod who can't handle having a discussion like you will delete it.
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welder7 posted...
MS failed at naming their new console.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: when the most commonly used and accepted nickname for your brand new $500 console is 'XBone,' you have failed epically at naming said console.

Good point.

They should've hired the guy who said Next Box (too lazy to bold the x lol). As much as they've spammed commercials, I should know this, but do they ever mention "all in one?"
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so the next xbox will be named xbox 2 and then xbox 3 etc..., they wanna start a franchise like the iphone 1.2.3 etc... ipad 12 3
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Jiggysan10 posted...
Came here for the Chuck Norris jokes. /disappoint

Chuck Norris doesn't do push ups he's actually pushing the earth down.
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