Which console do you think is more realiable and less likely to break?

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Masterchief5525 posted...
I think with these first models the X1 will be more reliable. I mean I've played mine for several hours straight and it barely gets lukewarm. While the PS4 gets super hot just after 10-20 mins of playing KZ. In the long run in that small case all that heat is going to cause some type of problem.

140 degrees is far from hot. Especially when the APU in the PS4 generates more heat than the Xbox One APU due to the 50% increase in CU.

People keep bringing up the topic of size and incorrectly evaluating the effect.

Sony has a more efficient design than Microsoft. The air channels in the PS4 and the fan design creates higher air pressure. With higher air pressure you can create heatsinks with denser fins and reduce heatsink size. This is how high end GPUs are designed. As long as the air passing through is lower than the heatsink, it will still cool effectively. This is why GPUs that are primarily cooled with the warm air inside a PC case can still keep temperatures at acceptable operating ranges. They use warm air to cool something hot. The design allows this to be possible but the air pressure results in more noise.

Microsoft went with a more PC like design and it's far from an efficient design. All the open space inside the console is also space that heated air can get trapped in. The heatsink design and fan placement also ensures that heated air is re-circulated back inside the case. Temps could have probably been dropped another 5C by designing an air shroud routed through the case and making the vent pattern larger where the fan is. The larger space and heatsink makes large temperature fluctuations less likely.


PS4 uses a GPU Card design for cooling

PC uses a PC Case design for cooling

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
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