How are Ryse and DR3?

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3 years ago#1
How are they? I've learned I'm getting them for Christmas
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3 years ago#2
They range from bad to good
3 years ago#3
Nice good games.

Getting Ryse for free is a good deal and you'll probably end up liking it since you didn't have to pay a cent. Dead Rising 3 is the real console seller so far.
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3 years ago#4
I have both and love ryse more its more fun to me. dead rising is great with co op but I find it getting repetive and the world is cool and the zombies but its also getting to much of the same thing
3 years ago#5
Played the heck out of DR3 and now I am hooked on the multiplayer after playing it for hours on end last night with some random guy, it was loads of fun for me if that helps ^^
3 years ago#6
I like both but can see myself playing DR longer.
3 years ago#7
As I said in another topic, Ryse while some can find it fun I look at it as a glorified tech demo of what we should expect out of our X1's/PS4's in the future as a set standard.

Dead Rising 3 will undoubtedly give you more band for the buck if you are into the open world Sandboxes that let you do whatever you want to do. Nothing against Ryse as I do intend to buy it once the price drops, but Dead Rising 3 is the clear winner of which is worth the $60 tag for me.
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