Can you turn Xbox off mid install?

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2 years ago#11
iNoetic posted...
Sorry, but how do your cats affect the Standby mode?


*meow* Xbox *meow* purr on *meow*


I mean I literally laughed my ass off when I read "due to cats" haha
Gamertag- TJ UNLIMIT3D
2 years ago#12
Lol it's on a tv stand so they can't get to it or get on top of it, however because the power button is literally just touch they only have to rub a whisker over the front and it turns on!!

This used to happen with my 360 slim so I just unplug both on an evening now or when in out.

I literally have no where else to put it tbf.
XBL Gamertag = DarkLPmaster4
2 years ago#13
You can but you'll likely have to start the install over takes so long because the system downloads the patch before installing the game. You could just install the game without internet then install team patch afterwards...I hear that it works much faster that way.
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