Is it true that Microsoft overpaid the new spock actor to appear in an xbox ad?

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So we still care how other people choose to spend their money?
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I care because of they really did overpay then that's a waste of seeing spock for less than five seconds gonna make people buy the system?

They paid half a BILLION for the NFL deal, so, yeah, it's a REAL good chance they overpaid.

The NFL Deal was kinda meh seeing as the season was halfway over by the time the console launched so you couldn't really get much from it and since it doesn't include ESPN Or Yahoo Fantasy Leagues it's not as great as it could be(Who honestly uses for fantasy football?)

Microsoft's over the top advertising during the fox broadcast of UFC was ridiculous

You had the flyweight champion practically covered in Xbox One Gear and his corner was covered in Microsoft/Xbox Logo's

not to mention the Ryse Ad Icon that was always at the corner of the screen during the program...(they really seem to be pushing hard for a game that sucks)
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