Insanity for Xbox fitness is free for Xbox live gold members!

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Will there be micro transactions / boosts? :P

Xbox Fitness is all micro-transactions. Read the post above yours. Xbox Fitness contains only three videos.

Two P90X videos (Plyo X, Shoulders & Arms)
One Insanity video (Plyo cardio circuit)
That's all folks!

Think of it as a sample to lure you in to buy more of the product.

Go here to learn more -

Not sure what you're looking at, or how you're missing it, but there are 'many' workouts (not just 3) available in Fitness which are all free to Gold subs
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A review of "Xbox Fitness" highlights my thoughts on how much BS Microsoft has been full of concerning the new and improved Kinect:

"Chelsea Lynn Acree, a dancer with the Mark Morris Dance Group, tested two workouts in the game. Right off the bat, her "Form Meter" shot up and the "Score Multiplier" starting dinging—a sign that her technique was consistently spot on. But when she intentionally botched her moves to test the Xbox's tracking ability, the meter didn't budge. The only time it went down was when she stood still. "It definitely registers when you're not moving; it wants you to keep your heart rate up," she said. "But there's not much information about form and how to do things correctly."

Ms. Acree experimented by making subtle shifts that could put undue stress on the ankles and knees. "In a squat, you want your knees to be over your toes and not forward, past your toe," she said. The game didn't correct her when she did the movements slightly wrong, but when her efforts were in the general ballpark, it flashed suggestions to "squat deeper" or "twist toward your knee." Going to an extreme, she ignored the instructor entirely and just moved randomly; the game continued to award her points.

This, it turns out, is part of the game's design. "As long as you're moving, you'll get basic credit," said Mr. McCarthy, adding that his team didn't want players to feel as though they were failing. "There's really no sense of right or wrong; there's just degrees of better."

But Ms. Acree questioned the everyone's-a-winner approach. "Sometimes you need to know when it's wrong." For beginners, clear feedback is crucial, she said.

So, Kinect basically can only tell if you are in motion, not whether you are doing the exercises correctly. What a load of snake oil!
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Now, I might be confusing workout routines, but isn't Insanity the one where you do several different exercises in rapid succession to get better results?

And they're only giving you two?
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Yay more gold paywall!

Get over it dude, it's free. How is this any different than when PS Plus gives free games to people?

Because PSN plus gives out games not this crap
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Yay more gold paywall!

Get over it dude, it's free. How is this any different than when PS Plus gives free games to people?

Because PSN plus gives out games not this crap

That has nothing to do with him saying the free things you get with gold are behind a "paywall." You didn't get the point I was making.
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Do the trolls even lift?
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Super buff? You do understand that Insanity is a cardio workout, NOT lifting, right? In fact, it's the complete opposite of what you want to do if you want to get buff.
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1 month of Insanity kickstarted my metabolism and made me lose weight rapidly, haha. Its a lovely workout :)

Oh and please don't think that super buff is only end-destination. Being incredibly slender and beautiful is it's own reward :)!
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I downloaded this to try it out and it does seem that the kinect picks up any movement done during the workout. I'm in a wheelchair and was unable to do the parts of the video involving feet so I just tried to do similar motions with my hands and the kinect gave me credit for doing so. I don't think it was scoring it the same as actually doing it correctly, but it counted it as something.

In a side note, has anyone actually used this enough to know if any of the cardio workouts use more hand movements than feet movements? I would love to add something like this to my regular physical therapy, but it is kind of pointless if I have to sit out half of the routine because they are working on feet things.
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PSN does not give free games. Once you cancel PS+, the games are gone. Also, the games do not add up. Once you reach(12), they have to remove a game to add a new one. You do not get to choose what they give, and a lot are indies.

When Xbox Gold gives you a game, it is yours forever, as long as you d/l it before the freebie ends, even if you cancel gold.