I have decided to return my PS4 and get an xbox one, here's why....

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TC is well known Xbox fan..yet talking about Kinect free SKU? Something tells me it's coming soon. TitanFall in March = $399 Kinect free Xbone.

Why would they go kinect less, when they are selling beyond their expectations? It would undermine their long term plans for the system as well. Having a kinect with every console means more developers will find new creative ways to take advantage of it. Right now it doesnt do alot for me, but over the years there have been some great innovations in the smartphone gaming market as people come up with way to utlize the hardware and interface. I expect ways we didnt see coming for the kinect to be used, not just video phone sx. It would not get any attention if it was a niche market though, no money to be made developing for kinect unless every console has one.

You can't take MS word at face value. You just can't. And you have no idea if it's selling beyond their expectations. Best selling Xbox launch does not equal selling beyond expectations. And seriously, what do touch screens have to do with Kinect. Also, there's barely any Kinect only games, and the few available suck iirc. Beyond Kinect Sports, there's barely any Kinect games even coming because they bomb so hard.

Its been reported everywhere in the world a trillion times that the ps4 and the xb1 are the 2 fastest selling consoles in the history of the universe. What do u not understand about this? All my info was taken from articles I have read.

After the holidays, Xbone is gonna tank. It's $500, has the same games as 360, has a competitor that's more powerful, more popular, and cheaper. Microsoft has new leadership in the Xbox division and they will make the right call. Xbox One needs to be $399 when Titan Fall comes out.

Look every1 its Nostradamus. Whos gunna win the super bowl, i am headed to vegas right now?
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You're the one expecting Kinect to be the next "Smartphone" so I think that's a little more Nostradamus like than a price cut prediction.
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TC just go out and find a 80$ 360 or whatever they sell for now and get titanfall. Or better yet, do you have a PC? Titanfall will be better on PC guaranteed.
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I swapped my pre-order to the Xbox One as soon as MS took away the 24 hour check-ins. 100% of that was because of games. Sure, it was an extra $100 for a Kinect I didn't want, but I look at that merely as a "get games you want" fee. In 2014, there are literally two announced PS4 exclusives I care about (DW8XL and The Order: 1886). There were no launch games I wanted either. The Xbox One had more for me in 2013 than the PS4 currently has announced.
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TC just go out and find a 80$ 360 or whatever they sell for now and get titanfall. Or better yet, do you have a PC? Titanfall will be better on PC guaranteed.

i dont have a pc capable (i have an asus vivobook s500 laptop which isnt meant for gaming) .

DO you know if titanfall on the 360 will be nearly identical (besides graphics) to the xbone version?
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TC just go out and find a 80$ 360 or whatever they sell for now and get titanfall. Or better yet, do you have a PC? Titanfall will be better on PC guaranteed.

Just go get a $400 graphics card for you pc and you will be all set. Wait till you use those arrow keys on your keyboard and a mouse, you will be in love. If your real ambitious drag your pc into your living room so u can hook it up to your tv, and sound system, grab a tv table to set your keyboard and mouse on, have the family gather round for som fun. It will be great. You know how to put that graphics card in and set it all up right, no big deal. Oh man, dont tell me. You got another virus off that spank website, cant catch a break i swear, hold on I'll get my mac out see if we can google a fix for ya, gimmie a second to get off this hotgurls site and we will be good to go. Yeah i know its a pain, but dont worry man, couple days from now, you'll be up and runnin, playing the best games ever.
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Dear TC:

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I los interest in the order when I heard it'd be action adventure and not rpg

You're out of your mind. Nobody thought The Order would be an RPG. Take one look at the trailer. I bet you haven't. It just screams action game.
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To be honest, if you were disappointed with the PS4, I venture you are going to be even more disappointed with the xbone in the long run. After the novelty wears off of course. But it is your money, so feel free to spend it as you see fit. Just make sure you keep the receipts.

The PS4 is kind of like the modest, proper girl you can always count on and trust. o.o She'd make a good wife. While the xbone is your common strumpet; Alluring, sure, but vapid and untrustworthy deep down.

This is what I believe loneliness would say.

The Topic= Wise decision. Enjoy!
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Why did u buy a ps4 in the 1st place, seems all this info u knew in the 1st place b4 u bought anything. I dont understand.

This. After all of those gaming conventions that you researched, I feel you should have made a more appropriate choice for your personal preferences months ago.