So we all agree that the Xbox One is more innovative than the PS4, right?

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Exactly, i would not have bought an xbox one just for the features. I bought it for the games. The features are just added bonuses.

This x1,000,000.

Why do people not understand this? Everybody who bought an Xbox One did so because of gaming first. The features are just a nice bonus that doesn't compromise gaming integrity.

And please, none of this "720pLOLOL" crap. That's already been debunked.

I mean... why do people care so much about PS4? Or either, for that matter? Both are pieces of plastic with some moving parts and a laser.

Is it because Sony was the underdog? A desire to return to the glory days when Playstation hugely outsold Xbox? Whatever.

Both are neck-and-neck in sales, both have extremely low failure rates. Both have the same graphical capabilities, both will have huge amounts of players, more than any gen previously. Both are indie-friendly, and most next-gen games are/ will be available on both.

So... enjoy your pick. And please, end the console wars.

There's been enough virtual bloodshed already.

Amen to that brother.
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Slapping a buggy rendition of a PC OS onto a console is not innovation...
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I love how Nickr2d2 is acting like he's neutral when he's clearly for xbox.
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This board is like someone perpetually playing the vuvuzela with strobe lights attached.

quote of the year tbh
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If you call attaching your cable box to a gaming console innovation than the WII U gamepad tops it w/out even trying.
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If you call attaching your cable box to a gaming console innovation than the WII U gamepad tops it w/out even trying.

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Hardware wise, maybe. Once the exclusives and first party games start hitting their stride, PS4 will quickly have the more innovative library of games compared to the safe rehashes that will be common on XB1.