How long does a controller replacement through MS take?

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CapwnD posted...
Christmas is here, Controller is not.

I guess no Christmas Dead Rising for me.

Nothing here either. I did get a shipment notification from MS, though when I click to track it's still unavailable.
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Mine's coming next week. Very disappointing. This is after the initial setup at the end of November, and talking to customer service twice.

I called today to try to get free games, but they said no. They pretended like they tried, but they said that the ability to give away games for problems like this was no longer possible.

They gave me a month of XBL, which I said "well that should go without saying" considering I couldn't even turn on my system without the controller (because you need to press A to initiate the update that came weeks ago).
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I went through this EXACT hell. With many saved support chat transcripts and proof of shipment screenshots and the whole nine yards. My Day One Edition controller had a springy/squeaky right D-Pad button that made pushing it unbearable. After spending over $500 + $240 on games it was pretty irritating.

I made the initial report the night of Nov. 22 as soon as I discovered the issue. I received my replacement controller this past Monday on Dec. 30.

First I was told they would send me a new controller in a box that I would then swap out with the broken. Apparently this person was confused about which company they were "outsourced" to for the day so this was wrong. After waiting 4 business days I contacted them again and was told that I had to send the broken one in first BEFORE they would replace it. So then after the support lady attempted to fix my open ticket she had to close it in an attempt to re-open a new one. This went on for over 1 hour via support chat. She ended up opening like 3 new ones. She also put my e-mail address INSIDE of my ship-to address, so that screwed things up even further. To top it off they were unable to send me the free shipping/return label via e-mail to send back the controller. Instead they gave me the destination shipping address to Laredo, TX, and said it was my responsibility to get it to them with my own money.

At this point I was super pissed. I tried to find every possible way around it but was unable to. I bit the bullet, paid $9.52 to ship the broken controller to Texas. It arrived 3 days from when I shipped it. I contacted them to ask for the tracking number so that I may monitor them shipping me my new replacement. They were all sorts of confused and kept asking if I had already sent in the broken one. I had to provide proof so I took a picture of my shipping receipt along with the tracking # proving that it had reached their replacement/repair facility.

Over the course of this issue I spent a total of over 9 hours in support chats and 4 hours on the phone. No one can help you and no one can provide you with any further help other than referring you to some dumb group called the Xbox Advocacy Team. What a bunch of dunderheads they are. After waiting nearly a week for them to get in contact with me they did. I had to explain the entire situation for the 74th time. They had to put me on hold while they read through all of my previous chat logs and everything. Still was unable to assist me. I demanded free months of Live for being unable to even use the damn thing without going out and spending an additional $60 on another controller (which I did).

I had all but given up hope

Altogether I was given 4 months of free Xbox Live Gold for the "inconvenience" and finally received a perfect Day One Edition controller.

P.S. If you purchased it via Amazon (best company in the world) I explained the entire situation to them in one of my last ditch efforts to get the problem resolved and they gave me the option of sending the entire thing back (which I couldn't do since the broken controller had been shipping and was now in limbo) or accept an apologetic refund of ~33% off the price of the console. I thanked them tremendously and they took $150 off the purchase of the console for me and apologized on behalf of Microsoft. Amazon was super helpful and courteous while Microsoft on the other hand would rather sacrifice their own workers' first born in an effort to avoid providing real support and sending a plastic controller (which probably cost $5 to manufacture) so someone can even use the damn thing.

Word of advice: STAY ON THEM. CONTACT THEM EVERY DAY. Because if you don't they will not even know you exist.

So to answer to your question: It takes over a month to receive a replacement controller.
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^ yes, that sucks.

Bump for topic creator, wondering how it's going for him. I'll have an update in a few days.
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Just got my replacement controller today, 2 days shy of one month after original replacement request. Bad news! D-pad is busted. Not only does the up direction make a super loud spring/click noise every time it's pressed, but most of the time it does not register in actual gameplay.

Ah, hell. I'll call them tomorrow.
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That is crazy. There is no way that a replacement for a broken controller should be shipped like that.

That is unacceptable.
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I was going to send my day one controller from UK, but it needs to go to the Czech Republic. I just bought a new (normal) controller. Unacceptable indeed
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Sorry to hear that the replacement was busted as well. That sounds like the exact issue that was wrong with mine. Microsoft is a joke when it comes to support. They have a long ways to go and a lot to learn.
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AtomicMenace posted...
Sorry to hear that the replacement was busted as well. That sounds like the exact issue that was wrong with mine. Microsoft is a joke when it comes to support. They have a long ways to go and a lot to learn.

This whole topic is a horror story, I'm sorry to hear about these issues, I'd be mad if I had to go without for a month, especially over the holidays.

When my 360 Elite RROD'd I had it fixed under MS's warranty service. It took 11 total days from the time I called to the day I received my system back repaired, and that spanned 4 weekend days. I would have guessed a controller would be 10 days at most.

This is why I buy certain things through brick and mortar stores. I preordered my Xbox one with Amazon, then cancelled it as soon as Gamestop started taking reservations, I hate waiting if something goes wrong.