What's the best Dead Rising game?

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User Info: snowboard340

3 years ago#11
For me DR3 is by far the best. After that, DR1, and then DR2. Haven't played off the record, so no opinion on that.

User Info: Big Fan

Big Fan
3 years ago#12
It's close between DR1 and DR3. 1 was my first real game experience on 360 and the mall setting was great, however 3 has done a great job with the fun factor, open world and tons upon tons of zombies. So 3 gets the slight edge.

I did really like 2 as well
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User Info: Pulp

3 years ago#13
Dead Rising 1 is great. People that moaned about the timer pissed me off. It's a challenge -- games should be challenging. You should see a game over screen sometimes. You shouldn't be able to rescue everyone / get every achievement / etc the first time you try.

Damn entitled easy mode gamers....
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User Info: Reflex-Arc

3 years ago#14
The timer in the previous Dead Rising games added tons of replay value for me. I must have played through the first one at least 4 times trying new techniques and trying to save more folks. I was a fan.
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User Info: TBONE_OG

3 years ago#15
I've played them all and DR3 is the best one.
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User Info: Gingarito

3 years ago#16
TBONE_OG posted...
I've played them all and DR3 is the best one.

There is no doubt 3 is the best game. It has everything from 1 and 2 and more BUT i have to say I still prefered the mall setout of one.

That being said I think I will be playing Dead Rising 3 for a long time ive played for about 20 hours and still feel like I have hardly explored.
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