Any reason to keep my Wii U now that I have an XBoxOne?

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Only one. Wind Waker HD. Other than that, sell it.
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It's not like it's a PS4. There'd be no point in owning both a Xbox One and PS4. The Wii U will actually have a vastly different library than either one. PS4 and Xbox One libraries seem like they're going to be extremely similar, just like last gen. And if you really wanna play SSB on a 4-5 in. screen, that's up to you.

This exactly


However I disagree that there is no reason to own both PS4 and X1...but PS4 or X1 with a WiiU is a better combo
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Navylyon posted...
The new Kinect seems pretty good (lack of games so far but more will come). Is there any reason to keep the Wii U? (I have a 3DS and am planning on getting SSB)

TC, i had the same question you did about a week ago. I ended up selling my Wii U for $277 on ebay. I bought it at launch and it's been collecting dust since release. The games coming out are not very good. Seriously, Super smash needs to have online voice.. Unfortunately it wont! We know nothing about the new zelda, and at this point i have lost all interest. It's really the same game.. Dungeons, get master sword, save zelda.. literally every zelda game ever.

No actual mario game announced such as Galaxy 3.

Nintendo thinks that re- releasing 10 year old games is a great strategy.. i think it is lazy, and for that reason i'm done, and i'll never buy another NIntendo console again.
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Yah, Zelda is coming in 4 years.

They had a sample to show at this year's E3 but decided to save it. 2 years max.
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Hyrule Warriors, SSB, and MK8 all come out this year. I may actually consider picking up a Wii U lol and I have a PS4
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I'd keep it.
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If you see yourself as an unbiased gamer, then yes, keep it and love it .
2014's library will help with that .
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The Wii U Lineup looks more interesting than both the Ps4 and the Xbox One (and pc too). Do whatever you want though your life is your own.
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a lot better games on the wii u and from reports going around the boner is eating up peoples electric bills. how bout that.
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I doubt Smash Bros will be nearly as good on the 3DS. Then there is Bayonetta 2 and X, both of which had amazing predecessors.
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