what is xbox live for exactly?

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i've had xbox live before on 360, but i never played my 360, what exactly is xbox live for? i know its a charge that some think of as ridiculous, but other than blocking things like netflix and such is it used for anything? like do you get freebies with it or anything?
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For more stable servers
#4Dios_de_FuegoPosted 12/25/2013 3:43:38 PM
XBOX Live is essentially a pay-to-play service. Without XBOX Live (henceforth Live) one will not be able to play any games with friends via the internet or use apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc. For a one time fee of $60 per year Live is definitely worth it. Different plans, such as $10/month, exist as well; but the best deal is $60/year.
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Fryobv posted...
Do you get freebies with it or anything?

They introduced Games with Gold earlier this year. Each month Xbox Live Gold subscribers get two free games to keep forever. So far all the games have been on Xbox 360, but they did announce that they will continue the program on Xbox One.
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