Need some Live Friends. :/

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1 year ago#11
First of my friends to get the Xbox One as well tag is in sig. Mostly dead rising bf4 or killer instinct.
Xbl: Top Cat 269: PSN: TopCat269
1 year ago#12
Add me if you want
GT(360 and One): BasuraKILLER
PSN(Vita and PS4): BasuraKILLER
1 year ago#13
Anyone here can feel free to add me. I went nuts adding people in the first few days and am disinclined to type more names in, I went from 15 or so people to over fifty. That's a lot of adding!

But definitely feel free to add the sig in the bottom. My girlfriend and I have all of the games purchased because we have collective OCD. Obsessive Collection Disorder.
1 year ago#14
I'm looking to add people who are going to play Titanfall. If you plan to buy it on release day shoot me a FR. I don't have much else going MP wise I want to do right now as I'm bad at fighting games and prefer to play DR3 single player...But I'm for sure going to be playing Titanfall on XB1 and PC.

Yeah a bit early but why not.
XBL/PSN/NNID/Steam:DementedLullaby Origin:DL8286
The Imperial Truth is a Lie
1 year ago#15
Anyone feel free to add me if you like.
Gamer Tag: XxRUNVSxX
1 year ago#16
Add me if you'd like. I have almost every game besides madden and FIFA. I'm away from my Xbox ATM.

GT is : He Was Nothing
I don't need games to be mature.I need them to entertain me.And sometimes what entertains me is a couple chicks with huge bouncing chests pummeling each other.
1 year ago#17
add me if you like, i just set mine up.
NyC gamer.
WiiU, XBL & PSN ID: MilesAC87
1 year ago#18
Deadly Krueger

Feel free to add me! I need some fun friends!
1 year ago#19
gt in sig
I play forza, bf4, peggle 2, killer instinct
X360/XB1/Steam: Banandon
AMD PhenomII X4 965 3.4GHz~Biostar A880GZ~G.Skill RipjawsX 8GB~Hitachi 160GB HDD~Sapphire HD7770 1GB~Thermaltake V4~Corsair 430W
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  3. Need some Live Friends. :/

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