What game has better graphics, Killzone (PS4) or Ryse (Xbox one) ?

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Marqmax posted...

Not only that its one of the few console titles that makes use of Anti Aliasing in some form.

Uhm, they all use a form of AA. Ryse is actually using a custom post processing AA (which technically speaking, is not as impressive as hardware AA since hardware AA is more resource intensive).

Ryse looks great though, just beat it yesterday. Short and sweet game (bought my XBOne Friday night, finished Ryse yesterday which was Sunday).
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Who cares, Crysis 3 at max setting on PC trumps both consoles. Bought it on PC yesterday, nearly like a different game from the 360/PS3 counterparts.

Fanboys need to stop comparing the graphics of exclusives. It doesn't matter. Multi-plat might matter but exclusives? Lol if all you wanted is a graphical power house to stare at you should of spent a bit extra for a good PC.
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