XBox 1 Cloud Computing....what can we 'really' expect?

#11TheWayOfTheGunPosted 12/28/2013 2:59:11 PM(edited)
It actually some incredible uses but also the limitations and issues with over the wire interaction.

Bungie and MS already showed us a taste with the playlists updates on the Halo 2 and up. Or take a look at Halo 4 and the way they were able to deliver episodic content for Spartan Ops without you having to install an update each time.

Steam also does a decent job at storing useful data o their servers.

People keep getting hung up on it's uses for better graphical performance but until developers can engineer their game engines to deal with the latency of the wire, it's not going make a huge impact.

The real uses are in content delivery and storage. Being able to host a dynamic environment for users to interact with while allowing them to leave their footprints to pick back up later at any time or on any device.

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#12mrpicPosted 12/28/2013 3:15:01 PM
if you have a good connection and developers use the cloud alot it has lots of potential for graphics

think skyboxes for game zones but extended load times

with potential for extra cpu AI and full games stored on cloud services the reall potential is actually massive

think MMO that you only have to install a small portion and cleverbot style replies from cpu players
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mrpic posted...
if you have a good connection and developers use the cloud alot it has lots of potential for graphics

No, it really doesn't; it's not going to have any effect on graphics. Maybe 5-10 years from now there could be potential for it to, but, realistically speaking, it still won't and Xbone/PS4 won't even be relevant by then.
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daniel79 posted...
Did anyone actually fall for this cloud guff?

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I honestly don't care anything about this cloud stuff. I have been gaming since the 80's and I don't see eye to eye with gamers this generation. All this talk about cloud, 1080p, 60fps and whatever else and not a single care in the world for actual games.

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FUNBOSS posted...
Smoke and mirrors from MS to try and close the power gap?

Indeed. It is funny, Teh Cloud (translation: 300,000 extra existing cloud servers) was touted to be the end all be all of gaming by Microsoft by 'eliminating connectivity issues' on Microsoft platforms yet Battlefield 4 is just is as bad on Xbox One as it is on PS4 if not worse.

That said the Xbox One is a fine system and I not believe the crap about the new CEO closing or selling off the Xbox brand either. PR stunts FTW I guess.