How's the controller?

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Millertime660 posted...
dnmt posted...
Cheap build and quality?? What the heck are you talking abo-

Oh, right.

I dont get it...

It's okay, MS didn't get it either. (;

(hint: compare the two logos)
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I got my X1 two days ago and it feels great. Feels so natural when I am playing. I did try the DS4 at GAME on the weekend, it didn't feel right, but it was attached so it had pieces of plastic sticking out.

The first thing I did when I opened the box was have a feel of the controller.

The biggest improvements for me are:

Battery pack doesn't stick out
The guide button isn't in between the start and back buttons which I kept on pressing accidentally during certain games to check scoreboard...
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Amazing,and rubber doesn't peel off of it.......