Xbox One is arguably the best system ever made

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this is going to end well....
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No bro I don't even ply cod and ps3 had demons souls super fun gam and also hard casuals can't even play it I shud know I beat it without a guid
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you know what's fun to think about?

internet bowser.

i mean it's just hilarious, the idea. the possibilities are endless.
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djprofessork1 posted...
LOL @ People saying PS4 has more exclusives.
What? Knack? Killzone? ahahahahaha

Playstation has been, and always will be, a console for casuals who only play Sports games/CoD and stuff.
It has no exclusives.
Naughty Dog can't carry an entire system by themselves, sorry.

Because no one can have a opinion in gamefaqs everything has to be fact. Face it TC people have something called an opinion or preference on what console they think is best i don't give a crap what console you buy, as long as you are playing video games it doesn't matter.
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Topic is the Truth.
We believe Xbox #1 is the best (est) console for true hardcore oldschool gamers and we're always right about these things.
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If the XBONE is the best console, then Nixon was the second coming. You must admit, they do have alot of similar principles.
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teehee23 posted...
Topic is the Truth.
We believe Xbox #1 is the best (est) console for true hardcore oldschool gamers and we're always right about these things.

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Filthy peasants
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fakewars posted...
Filthy peasants

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knightimex posted...
Reasons why PS4 > Xbox one, bar none.

* Superior Hardware
* Cheaper price
* Lead console
* PS eye is (game wise) functionally on par with kinect.
* PS4 will have a new version of PS Move
* Superior Controller
* Cheaper online paywall
* Bigger Install base
* Most best exclusives
* Preferred console by developers world wide

The list is bottomless.

The ps4 is without a doubt THE second coming of Playstation 2.
It's great that you are into whatever console you see as best.

But let it be widely known that greatness has arrived.

Playstation 4
Dominating with an iron fist!

So I lold. "Most best exclusives" , "the list is bottomless" .... Nice.... Nice...