Well, so much for No Man's Sky...

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This is why responsible adults buy insurance.

I cannot find much pity for the developer who fails to protect their business.

They have insurance. Did you even read the article?
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Just start the Kickstarter campaign already... we all see it coming...
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bessy67 posted...
If you live/own property in a flood plain you can't get flood insurance.

Yes you can.

Or at least in the United States you can thanks to a law passed 45 years ago. Flood damage is not covered by standard insurance, but you can indeed insure yourself even in floodplains. For a premium of couse.
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scoobydoobydont posted...
They have insurance. Did you even read the article?

Yes. But they apparently did not READ what their insurance covered. "Buried in the fine print" is no excuse.

No pity.
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Their optimism it truly inspiring, though
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