Microsoft To 'Look Into' Hello Games Aid...Could No Man Sky become exclusive?

#51ArtOfWARx718Posted 1/1/2014 4:05:16 AM
Apex-Player posted...
Leave it to microsoft to try and capitalize off other peoples suffering.

There insurance wont cover the damages, they are in a very tight spot now.

I hope, they just get a massive loan somehow so they can keep it multiplat. Or that Sony counter offers with the same proposition. No need to make it a crap shoot with the other throwing money until the other says screw it. Just a 50/50 and let the developers choose who togo with from personal preference.

I was looking forward to this game also, but if the developers jump at the first offer MS throws at them i'd lose a little respect for them, and surely i'd remember this down the road. If they get fair offers from both, and still choose MS, ok thats fine. If they pull an EA titanfall and go exclusive behind the scenes without at least checking other options, screw it then. Might as well sell yourselves to MS as I wont be anticipating the next game.

sooooo youre ok with them selling out to sony but not MS??ROFL gotcha! sony fanboys are gold i swear