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3 years ago#1
is it smart to use the xbox one all day for tv watching (some gaming in early morning) I went to check this evening and the top right opposite of the game insert was and it was warm. not hot but enough where I worry. is this normal or should I be careful from now on?.

please help
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
my xbox is on "ALL" day long and there has been no problems, if anything, I might get a tv app hiccup but 99% of the time it works great, my xbox is not hot but warm as expected, since my nephews have been here wghile I am at work, it is on even longer while i am on a 9 hour work day
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3 years ago#4
I recall reading somewhere just before launch that the XBOne is supposedly rated to be about to be on 100% of the time for a decade and not overheat. How they could test it being on for 10 years in less than 10 years is beyond me.

Not sure I believe the claim in full, but I would wager that Microsoft went to great lengths to ensure the insides wouldn't melt since that was the cause of the RROD on the 360.

Of course, best practice would be to put into at least standby when you aren't actively using it.
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