xbone: 0 sales in 2014

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User Info: yay4pachirisu

3 years ago#1
am I doing it right?

User Info: BlazingxPaddles

3 years ago#2
So clever, you must be proud of yourself.

User Info: Hvv0l24n9

3 years ago#3
M$ Doomed :o
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User Info: OandA_Pest

3 years ago#4
No, you are doing it wrong.
Now delete this topic.
Just call me "Pest." One of countless proud O&A Pests.
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User Info: GRTooCool

3 years ago#5
Got a little chuckle out of it, but at the same time I hope you didn't spend ___ # of days to think this up.
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User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

3 years ago#6

I'm so original it hurts
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User Info: Decimator11

3 years ago#7
2014 - 0 = 2014.
The console is called the Xbox One, so 2014 - 1 = 2013.
The last digit of 2013 is 3.
Half-Life 3 confirmed.

User Info: skermac

3 years ago#8
0 sales on 2014? MS files for bankruptcy
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User Info: thesticker

3 years ago#9
U never know someone might have bought one before even typed that

User Info: Snickleseed

3 years ago#10
bump so people mark this for deletion
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