XBOne Clan Recruiting for clanwars!

#1dallas4444Posted 1/1/2014 10:27:34 AM
A 360 clan looking to branch out to "One"!

Only seeking out the best, committed, loyal and respectful players this console has to offer!

If you're the type of player that absolutely destroys in lobbies, puts in major time and wants to run with players just like you...you might be what we're looking for!?

All future candidates MUST be EXTREMELY active and show full commitment in clanwars...this clan does not harbour clan tags as roster spots are very exclusive!!

Plz message GT: JnJ imprexx the following...

Hrs played:
Game mode:

Thanking all candidates in advance - JnJ imprexx

Clan: Judge and Jury
Twitter: @TheJnJClan
YouTube: TheJnJClan
Website: www.judgeandjury.co