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From a nfl 2k fan I can admit Madden is really really good
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kennyynnoo138/21 10:08PM
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I am in the X1 update preview but I have a weird noise when I turn it on &..NinjaGaidenman58/21 9:23PM
Your Reaction: Xbox One Slim in holiday 2015, faster install times and $299
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PhaseBlack278/21 9:22PM
Limited edition XBoxOne's
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MasterMoron238/21 9:03PM
Let's talk Call of Duty. (Pre-Order related somewhat)known2FAIL58/21 8:45PM
Fibbage (from the creators of You Don't Know Jack) Available now!liquidblue468/21 8:32PM
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Microsoft calls free Xbox One game promotion an errorskermac48/21 8:15PM
Dash Preview compatability questionsSyxxPakk628/21 8:10PM
BloodRayne and Dino Crisis needs a reboot for this generation...
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levyjl1988298/21 8:09PM
Does each account need Gold?Turbokk78/21 7:57PM
GT: Brandon BRsAqua_TC48/21 7:36PM
Sunset Overdrive Multiplayer?WiiareVenom68/21 7:34PM
To quote every Star Wars character ever, "I've got a bad feeling about this"
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DEMONPANDA212338/21 7:18PM
Haven't seen a single xbox one commercial in ChinaDesperateMonkey48/21 7:16PM
Anybody got a list of all the things XB1 can do that the PS4 can't do.
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AttackOnTitan128/21 7:10PM
Ubisoft won't attempt an unlimited gaming service until EA proves it can work
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Exodus_Prime468/21 6:57PM
We Need to Stop yelling at Microsoft For the Tomb Raider Xbox Exclusivity DGambitbuzzkill68/21 6:52PM
Let me get this straight about the Xbox sales...
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known2FAIL228/21 6:29PM