101 Kinect Ideas: Using the technology to innovate and entertain

#1SigmaLongshotPosted 1/2/2014 8:28:36 AM
In this thread, let's talk not about the usual, tired, incredibly tedious nonsense about why Kinect is ruining the universe and find cool, interesting or otherwise unusual ideas to help it enrich our entertainment lives!

Be as outlandish as you want, but try to make it at least a viable or feasible thing - yes, you might THINK "use it instead of a rubber duck" is hilarious, but it's really not - it's far more entertaining to add things that could actually make the Kinect hardware a really cool addition to the console gaming experience!

Limit your ideas to one per post, and give them a number - let's try to reach 101!

To start us off, I'll post:

1) Kinect Theremin. This unique and insane instrument is most popular for playing the theme tune for Star Trek - basically two rods you "play" by holding your hands above them, and twist and move your hands to alter volume and pitch. This would be a very easy thing to implement on Kinect, and with many more unique sounds than the traditional "Theremin squeal".
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2) Star Wars Force.
Use your controller to control movement in first-person, but force push/pull in any direction with as much or as little power/velocity as you like. Hold your arm into the "force choke" position to force choke/lift enemies.
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3) Wait 'til hackers find ways to properly utilize it in robotics and non-Xbox stuff.
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4) Return of Perfect Dark's avatar creator.
Back on the N64, you were at one point able to use the Gameboy Camera (attached to the N64 pad) to snap your face and add it to a Perfect Dark deathmatch avatar. This feature was later removed as it "encouraged violence towards people you knew" in Nintendo's words.


Now that Kinect allows for full 3D image mapping, we could apply our faces to our CoD, Battlefield and Perfect Dark avatars, and perhaps even have them record our own facial animations for impact/gloating etc.
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guitar lessons where it'll read your finger placement and tell you whether or not your doing it properly
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5) Shenmue-style item scrutiny.
In Shenmue, when Ryo picks up an item, you can use the controller's sticks to twist and turn the item, using the triggers to either zoom in or out from it. Why not simply be able to do this with our hands?

Shenmue 3, for example (I wish) would have a traditional control scheme with item manipulation done with pinpoint, natural movement as you would examine something in real life - with your own two hands.
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(We've already had 5 and 6, so I guess this is 7)

7) Secret Gestures/Full Gesture Assignment
Simply put, this is the ability to create your own specific gesture and then give it a purpose/function. So if you specifically want to jump straight into some rave music, you could assign the "big fish, small fish, cardboard box" thing to jumping straight to your mad 90s rave playlist.
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8) Cooking Mama-esque Title
If you've ever played Cooking Mama on the Nintendo DS you'll know the joy of it is nothing to do with the "totally lame" act of cooking, and rather the absolutely nutty gestures and acts you do to perform mundane or normal actions. Something as simple as "beat the eggs" can result in a yolky explosion, and chopping an onion can result in you minus one finger.

A game like this would be great on Kinect, with the humour totally intact.
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9) Elocution of the Dead
If you've ever played House of the Dead, you'll probably be aware of the spin-off series of games, "Typing of the Dead" where zombies are dispatched by typing the words they have adorning them.

By this same mechanic, the Kinect can be used in "Elocution of the Dead"/"Pronounciation of the Dead" - where you literally say the words they appear with, to Kinect. Level one would start off easy, with words like "Cat" and "Cheese" dispatching simple foes, but latter levels would have players dealing damage to massive enemies with mouthfuls like "Antidisestablishmentarianism".
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I'd like to see them take a bunch of the ideas from this topic and create an ARG game that uses purpose made dashboard apps for web access and Kinect as a tool for solving clues to solve puzzles and further a dynamic plot.
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