101 Kinect Ideas: Using the technology to innovate and entertain

#31NSGraphitePosted 1/3/2014 9:23:05 AM
Kinect Rap Battles!

The kinect records you rapping to various famous rap songs, then the game mixes the recording in such a way that it makes the "rapper" actually sound pretty good, changing the pitch and timing to marketable acceptance and puts that online for everyone to see.

There is of course a rap-battle mode where two individuals rap against each other and the game rates eaches performance and puts the video up via streaming and the people watching can vote for a winner. the winner gets an acheivement.

Then there is free-style mode where the rapper(s) can rap using whatever rhymes they want....they can make it up on the fly if they wish...you can then choose background music to put it to and the game mixes the timing to go with the music.

Upgrades and dlc can come in the form of yearly updates that includes additional new and classic rap tunes to destroy...
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#32DojoMaxPosted 1/3/2014 9:37:04 AM
I'm waiting for kinectless model
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#33aszsithPosted 1/3/2014 1:43:41 PM
Sleep Timer

Not a game idea (although someone smarter than me can probably come up with a way to use it) but a useful function would be a sleep timer.

You leave the room, Kinect sees no one is there, it starts a sleep timer for the XBOne and all devices registered to the IR blaster. After the timer runs out, everything shuts off.

Additionally, it could read your eyes. If they are closed for longer than "x" time, the system realizes you fell asleep and begins the timer.

From what I understand, the XBOne doesn't auto-shutdown while using the TV app. Kinect could be used to fix that automatically (with adjustable settings for timing and whatnot).
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