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User Info: tranceFusion9

3 years ago#1
Everyone is calling the Xbox One "silent" but I hear the hard drive very loudly.

It's not the repetitive whirring of the disc drive issue, it's the actual access noise of the hard drive arm moving as you would hear in any PC with a HDD. It gets much heavier/faster during times when you would expect heavy disc access (such as loading a course on forza).

It sounds like the sound starting at 13 seconds in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J09pWNQPK7U

So, it seems normal, except that its loud as crap.. seems louder than any PC I have owned.

Does anyone else have this? Or is yours truly silent?

User Info: hardinm78

3 years ago#2
other than a very short noise when turning on, mine is completely silent
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