Need some advice using my console abroad/first time owner

#1CrimsonStriderPosted 1/3/2014 9:07:56 PM

I had a 360 back at launch but gave up on it quickly when I got a that RLOD. I think I might have created an account with a username that I like, which I can't create now. Is there anyway to check this? As in if I know the gamertag but I don't know what e-mail I registered it as. It's hard for me to check because I don't have a reliable VPN at the moment and I was already having some issues verifying my account here (MS's website was blocked).

Living in China, not only are most things blocked, but general access to Netflix and stuff is going to be blocked outside the US anyway. Is there any convenient way to set up a VPN or Proxy of some sort without running it through a computer?

I'm not sure how xbox live works. Is it a worldwide thing or is it region based like PSN? I know with my PS3 I can have a US account and Asia account and use a game from any region to play on either. Would it work the same with LIVE? Like if I had a US account but a game was from a different region. Would it mess with DLC content?

When checking the store it has things prices at 99$. I think my console is set to Australia. When I tried to change the settings it wouldn't let me but I forgot why. I won't be near the BONE for a day or two which is why I'm asking rather than toying with it right now.

Is the PSU fan relatively loud? The original one that came with the system started smoking. I'm not sure if it was faulty but chances are it's just because of the voltage difference (did I use the right word). When I bought it here they gave me a 3rd party one but when I compared them they had the same labels (or so I thought) and I figured the original one would be ok. The original wasn't on long enough to register in my mind, and the 3rd party one sounds pretty loud. I know it's my own fault but do you think MS might exchange the original one?

The weird thing is my PS3 never had a problem and it was from the US. I guess that's also why I tried using the original.
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All I feel I can add to this is that in the settings you can change to any region you want. If you set your location to the United States then it's that store you will access. If you set your location to the United Kingdom you'll access the store for there.

Hopefully this helps you.
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Ok thanks. I tried that before and I ran into a small problem but I'll try again later today when I have a chance. Thanks!

Any help regarding my other questions, anyone?
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#4game freakozoidPosted 1/4/2014 6:16:02 PM
I'd suggest contacting Microsoft directly. If phone doesn't work I'm pretty sure they also have on line service.