A New Left 4 Dead would be EPIC!

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User Info: DevinePunisher

3 years ago#11
what is steambox ?
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User Info: jon davis

jon davis
3 years ago#12
People still say epic?
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User Info: -Oath-

3 years ago#13
I preach this all day and night. A new RE Outbreak. We need that.

User Info: joshl94

3 years ago#14
CyberneticRat posted...
I don't see why not. Left 4 Dead has always been a console exclusive to the 360 so they could possibly still keep following the trend.

Palutena and Ashley for Smash.

User Info: 120N7

3 years ago#15
As much as I loved L4D2, I hope the tone of L4D3 is darker, more like the first one. It could also do with a greater variety of weapons. Iron sights would be nice too.

Hopefully, Source 2 will improve enemy AI. Really looking forward to a horde of truly next-gen proportions. Also, it wouldn't surprise me if L4D3 was F2P.
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  3. A New Left 4 Dead would be EPIC!

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