About to buy an Xbox One, recommend me some games

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2 years ago#1
I am more of a social gamer, so I need some good multiplayer games. I guess I should get the new COD, but we also like to play Diablo 3 type multiplayer games too. How is the dead rising 3 multiplayer if it even has one?

Also, any good Kinect games yet? Like a wifi sports xbox version or something?
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2 years ago#2
Dont do it, wait for better games.I really wish i would have waited.
X1 for christmas.
2 years ago#3
I don't recommend the new CoD to you only because the game gives nothing new and takes the old. Sniper Rifles being nerfed, over powered dogs take you down without a fight, the campaign is awful, the multiplayer maps are too big and open and the spawns are ridiculously bad.

I recommend BF4, despite the problems that game has over CoD. You should consider games like Forza 5, DR3 (of course) and ACIV. I myself am going to get those games soon.
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2 years ago#4
If you like playing online Get Battlefield or Ghost.

DR3 is great the multiplayer is only fun if you are playing with people you know everyone else i find is trying to ruin the game for you.
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2 years ago#5
DR3 has multiplayer and it is fun slaying zombies with friends.The combo weapons and vehicles are sweet (Rollerhawg ftw). I enjoyed that game very much.

The other games I have are Killer Instinct and Madden.
KI is fun as hell. The combo system is quick to learn yet can be used at elite levels. The soundtrack kicks ass and the announcer hypes you the puck up. Free fully functional version with just one character (Jago last I knew, but I think it rotates), $20 for the Combo Breaker Edition with all the characters, or $40 for the Ultra Edition with all characters, dlc accessories, and the original arcade game.

Madden is Madden. Full $60 price tag, but games been on sale for less lately
2 years ago#6
Ok here are 3 games that will keep you busy until the next wave of titles (Tomb Raider-March 2014):

1. Dead Rising 3. This year's sleeper, you will get addicted, I never had interest in this game and came with my bundle, and I've played it the most so far.

2. Assassins Creed 4. Open World, compelling story, plenty of side missions

3. Sports: Fifa or Nba 2k14. Don't waste your money on Madden, it's really Madden 14.5.

other sleepers: peggle 2 and ryse of rome (<---RENT ONLY).
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2 years ago#7
Fighter Within. Fantastic little exclusive gem
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