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would you be willing to pay extra for early access to a game?
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garcia_jx358/21 7:29AM
Any news on Vickrum's Racing? (the X1 exclusive)
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Rainy_David1148/21 7:19AM
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Xbox one won't connect to Xbox live anymorePhazon_Wolf58/21 6:52AM
Which XBOX ONE game are you guys looking forward to more: Destiny or Halo MCC? (Poll)
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Solnot328/21 6:34AM
Xbox One Turns Itseld Back On (Closed)BrianBakes58/21 6:32AM
Post the halo campaigns in order from favorite to least favorite.
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Homie_202318/21 6:28AM
Where would the Xbox brand be if the 360 had the hardware of the Ps3...Jedi45468/21 6:20AM
Phil Spencer: Exclusives Can Help Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Grow
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quincy2000a158/21 6:12AM
B.C!!!!!! Anyone still remember it?GladiatorDanger108/21 5:07AM
Would you buy a new Prince of Persia using UbiArt Framework?
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andizzle29662178/21 5:06AM
what toy based game will be better...Disney Infinity 2.0 Or Skylanders TT?NightMareBunny18/21 4:46AM
Turn 10 Studios Dev Says Biggest X1 Performance Factor Is Code Optimization
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quincy2000a188/21 4:32AM
Anyone who knows about computers, I have a question?
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deday863148/21 4:24AM
Titanfall installation is EXTREMELY slow at 90%VikingHipster108/21 3:38AM
Motley Fool: Microsoft's Xbox Smartglass App Is a Step Behind the Playstation 4
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quincy2000a268/21 3:25AM
Madden players question..rafa050658/21 1:15AM
So far, has the Xbox One surpassed the Xbox 360 for you?
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Diayamondo218/21 12:36AM