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Laggy Dashboard
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sharuto41512/28 12:04AM
interview with lizard squad, finest squad & anonymousFloppyfish1812/27 11:36PM
The last of us on xbox 1?
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DemTastyTreats7312/27 11:35PM
What else are you hoping to see in the sale?
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JKSonic3312/27 11:18PM
Just bought an Xbox One from (Promotion Question)bury_me_a_g_x2412/27 11:11PM
AC4 black flag
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Mjs9032212/27 11:04PM
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Question for anyone who has multiple Xbox One's in the same house...Road_Kill_666612/27 10:53PM
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Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (Poll)Nodrog77612/27 10:36PM
Games you've played today so farNodrog77612/27 10:27PM
Would anyone else be interested in a shooter where you play as the bad guys?
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XOmegaProphetX2312/27 10:21PM
Achievements for the same game on 360 and the One.XOmegaProphetX512/27 10:12PM
XBL, PSN, and Amazon breached
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xcmon3yx22512/27 10:07PM
when redownloading games after moving does it matter if you....Brandy1977312/27 9:53PM
Homefront the Revolution...bpfolzy512/27 9:43PM
Has my Internet Service Provider been hacked and crashed? Cover up?
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Road_Kill_6662312/27 9:22PM
Anyone else earning achievements but they don't pop?ssj5goku2005312/27 9:14PM
Is anyone elses NAT Strict now?AP30K712/27 9:14PM