My xbox would not open any apps. Help! And I have a question about energy save

#1getinbarreled87Posted 1/6/2014 9:45:58 PM
My xbox have a message that said for some reason it took long to open the app. I couldn't open anything? Is there a way to fix this? Also while the console is on energy save mode. Will voice commands still work?
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I cycled the power and it works now? Is it bad I don't put it on energy save mode? Do u think the system wasn't loading apps because had to many things open. I tried to open battle field 4 and It wouldn't open. Ten no apps after that would open
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It's your cache. Sometimes it doesn't clear, and it wont open new things. Holding down the power button will restart console and clear cache. This is a software issue a patch will fix.
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Yes voice commands still work while the console is on,you just will not be able to turn it on with voice and will not be able to download games or patches while the console is off