New Next Gen only Reveal coming later today "people will flip out over"

#1BoomerHelllPosted 1/7/2014 2:31:03 AM

“We have a kick ass cover reveal tomorrow morning at 11:00AM Central. Next-gen only that I think people will flip out over,”
#2RawringAirPosted 1/7/2014 2:32:55 AM
half life 3 confirmed
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#3dnmtPosted 1/7/2014 2:34:50 AM
Blinx 2 confirmed
#4BoomerHelll(Topic Creator)Posted 1/7/2014 2:35:25 AM
RawringAir posted...
half life 3 confirmed

"In response to prompting, McNamara confirmed the reveal is not Gears of War, God of War or Half-life 3."
#5Jedi454Posted 1/7/2014 2:44:53 AM(edited)
Star Wars KOTOR 3 confirmed, everyone run to the stores to preorder!
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#6SorbetowulfPosted 1/7/2014 2:49:52 AM
If it's Turtle Rock, didn't they develop Left 4 Dead? I suppose Valve probably owns the IP still.

If it's not L4D, chances are it would still be a good multiplayer game. L4D had excellent multiplayer.
#7GRU_CommanderPosted 1/7/2014 2:57:22 AM
Fallout 4
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#8BoomerHelll(Topic Creator)Posted 1/7/2014 2:59:23 AM
GRU_Commander posted...
Fallout 4

#9TheSilentRavenPosted 1/7/2014 3:06:42 AM
Really fallout4?
#10Millertime660Posted 1/7/2014 3:23:16 AM
Evolve eh? Im interested!