Dual-Gen COD: Ghosts question

#1Disflex6Posted 1/7/2014 3:38:22 AM
If I were to buy one of those dual-gen Ghosts download codes, can I keep the 360 version as well as the One version? Picking my One up in a couple of hours, and would like a game to go alongside FIFA. I'm keeping my 360 too, and would like to be able to play Ghosts when away from my house on my 360.

Also, if this is indeed possible, do I have to fully download the 360 version before being able to download the One version? My download most likely won't be done in time before I pick up my One, so would I instead be able to initiate the 360 download, cancel it, then download it on the One without having to finish the 360 download? Do I even need to initiate the 360 download at all, or would it still be downloadable even after redeeming the code on the One?

Thanks guys
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