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3 years ago#1
For both Xbox One and the 360,

how many rage messages have you gotten, total?

For me, around 10.

How about you?
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3 years ago#2
10-15, IIRC. Haven't touched my 360 in a couple of years now.
3 years ago#3
5 or less. I don't play too much competitive multiplayer, just Halo and some fighting games which I suck at.
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3 years ago#4
dozens, the community was one of the things that drove me off xboxlive gaming completely.
3 years ago#5
About 50 with my time on CoD:MW2,got a few really bad ones where this guy was in tears telling me how he was going to do things to my family that I can not repeat here and talking about how I was camping and he was a mess but it was so funny.

I also got a few in GTA:O as well for random things,I play FPS just to rage people,it's kind of a game with in a game and can be pretty funny how people are so serious about a game.
3 years ago#6
When I use to play CoD: Too many to count

Now that I don't play CoD anymore: 0
HUGH HEFF (Xbox GT-Heffley)
3 years ago#7
only 1 on X1 so far and too much on 360.
3 years ago#8
Maybe 30, but a majority are from two of my friends who are just as annoying on Xbox Live as they are in real life.
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3 years ago#9
It all depends on the game in particular since each community seems different.

On a side note, anyone else think the X1 crowd has been way better so far compared to 360. I haven't really played any games online on my PS4, but I assume a lot of the loud and annoying people are the same people who buy consoles based on internet hype. So maybe if we are lucky, a lot of the morons are gone from live?
3 years ago#10
0. I've never received rage/hate mail. The only competitive games I play online are fighting games. Messages I get are always "GG", "Epic match" those kinds of things.
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