all of these which system do you prefer polls....

#1gamer4life21_gfPosted 1/8/2014 10:50:35 AM
That I see on random sites make me laugh. They cant possibly provide an accurate metric. There needs to be more questions like
-did you buy your own system?
-if you did, did you only buy one because thats all you could afford or because you only wanted the one?

Really it just irritates me because it seems marketing is all about promoting "fanboyism" which breeds hate and discontent. Alot of folks today misconstrue brand loyalty with "fanboyism". So to make this a topic for my own knowledge what other types of questions should be included in system polls?

Thanks for posting and lets try not to act like "(insert brand here) drones" looking for intelligent discussion.
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apparently no one has an answer, it's all about sales numbers and titanfall lol.